Has Mitro Put Final Nail In His NUFC Career?

Serb Striker Receives 3 Game Ban For Lanzini Incident

It will be interesting to see what happens with Aleksandar Mitrovic before todays transfer deadline closes after he accepted an FA charge following an incident on Saturday and will subsequently sit out the next 3 games.

I must admit I have previously had a bit of sympathy with him - I think he has unfairly received a reputation with referees and the authorities where they are actively looking to punish him.

However what he did on Saturday was utter stupidity and at times he really does not help himself.

I think questions have to be asked about the FA and their seemingly selective approach as to who they retrospectively look at but there is no doubting in this instance Mitro deserves what he has got.

I really do like the guy - I know there is a bit of a marmite opinion with him with NUFC fans and I think there is this opinion from his detractors that those who do like him only do so because of his apparent passion / nutcase type tendencies.

I genuinely think there is a good player there though and I think given the chance he could be a really good player for the club and you kind of thought after a decent pre season, that goal on Saturday and the fact we dont have many other options that this might be his big opportunity this year if he wanted to take it.

I think this incident though could spell the end - I dont think Rafa has ever trusted him and has wanted rid for a while but in the absence of any acceptable offers or other options had been willing to persist but I think this could be one bit of stupidity too many at a real crucial time which could be the last straw and gives Rafa the reasoning to finally get rid.

I hope not and I think the one saving grace for Mitro could be the proximity to the deadline but stranger things have happened.

Either way we are going to be without our most in form striker for the next 3 games, 3 games which on paper need to offer us some points given some tougher ones that follow.

His card is well and truly marked rightly or wrongly and whatever happens I think he needs to start helping himself and grow up a little without totally taking away that aggression that is clearly part of his game.

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