Is Rafa Unfairly Playing The Blame Game To Take Off The Heat?

Manager Quick To Point Finger After Signings Disappointment

After the disappointment of no January transfers to bolster our promotion push there has been a lot of fairly wild speculation this week about the future of the manager and his relationship with the board which has once again stoked up the fans negativity towards the owner and powers that be at the club but is this all a bit of an overreaction and is it fair to once again just be taking a pop at the owner in all of this - I am not so sure personally.

First and foremost I want to make 2 things clear here. Firstly I was as disappointed as anyone that no signings were made in January. I think you should always look to strengthen when in a position of strength, something that we spectacularly didnt do after finishing 5th in the Premier League a few years back.

Secondly I would like to say that I like Rafa and have no desire to see him leave his post. He has re-engaged a lot of fans with the club after a tough few years and seems a genuinely nice bloke who has a passion for football and clearly immerses himself into the history and the culture of any club that he manages. I think a lot of people like him because he seems to get what being a fan is about.

All that being said I have to say that personally I was a bit disappointed with the comments he made after Wednesdays game about the lack of transfers and he was obviously quick to point the finger away from himself on that one.

Whilst I dont disagree that any lack of transfer activity was more than likely not down to him I just dont like the way this was used to distract attention away from what was yet another really disappointing performance from his team on the pitch.

For me a lot of people seem to have been slightly brainwashed by Rafa and his sparkling CV and the fact he seems to be able to speak very well and give sound bites that our fans want to hear and lap up accordingly.

I think he has played on this a bit with this transfer finger pointing knowing that it wont take much for most fans to side with him and not with the owner and as I say I think that is as much to do with deflecting attention away from him and his team as it is a true disappointment at nobody coming through the door.

I know some people will disagree with this but personally for all the good he has done in his time here I think a lot of that good has been off the pitch rather than on it.

Footballing wise I dont think we are much further forward than last year. We are no better to watch and have no defined style of play but fortunately because we are playing far inferior teams we still have enough individual quality to get more positive results than negative ones.

I dont care what anybody says, the simple fact is that with or without January transfers this squad of players should be absolutely steamrollering this league given the amount of money he was given free reign on in the summer and the wage budget we have compared to the rest of the division.

The simple fact is we are not and have lost a lot of games so far to some really poor teams and I just think it is very harsh and very narrow minded the way people seem reluctant to point any finger of blame towards the manager.

I am not for one second suggesting I want him out or he isnt a good manager but the point I am making is that if it comes to the end of the season and we dont get promoted then neither him or the fans can look back and simply point to the January transfer window as to the reason why we didnt go up with this very expensive team and squad.

Yes I have no problems with him pushing the board to make sure the right investments in players are made but sometimes that just isnt possible especially in January so in the end you have to go with what you have got which in our case is a lot more than other teams around us.

I just think rather than all the finger pointing he needs to actually start earning his rather large corn he is being paid to do this job - lets not forget he isnt working for NUFC out of the goodness of his heart.

I think he (and some of the fans) need to look a bit closer to home when evaluating the current form - his substitutions are horrendous every game, we still dont seem to have any kind of defined style of play, we take our foot off the gas and dont finish off teams in almost every game we play and on the subject of transfers we have a lot of players that he spent good money on in the summer getting almost zero minutes (Lazaar, Hanley and Sels to name 3).

I sat and watched Huddersfield take Brighton to the cleaners the other night playing some absolutely breathtaking attacking football. Their manager has been there little over a year and in that time has instilled an obvious defined style in his team and a work ethic all of which has been achieved on a budget that pales into significance compared to ours so I am sorry but I dont buy into the owner and the board taking all the flak for current results and performances.

I love Rafa and what he has done - the attitude around the place compared to when McClaren and Pardew were in charge is 1000 times more positive but as always in football it is on the pitch where it counts the most and personally for me rather than finger pointing and stirring the fans up against the owner he and the players need to concentrate what is happening on the pitch which quite frankly for the most part hasnt been good enough for the last 2 months or so and there should be more than enough in that dressing room to sort it out irrespective of whether any reinforcements were able to be brought in or not.

I love Rafa and I trust Rafa but for me he needs to be judged exactly the same as any manager that has been in charge at this club and I dont think a lot of fans are doing that - the reaction from many to his team selection and the subsequent FA Cup defeat to Oxford proves that point as strongly as ever.

Time for the talking to be done on the pitch starting against Mr McClarens lot today...

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