Sad News About Freddy Shepherd Death

Former Chairman Passes Away Aged 76

Again I appreciate I am a little late to the table on this one but just wanted to at least post a short article following the news this week of the death of former chairman Freddy Shepherd aged 76.

I think the opinion of him with many Newcastle fans is probably split - there was of course the controversy where he branded Newcastle women dogs and insulted the fans and Alan Shearer etc but at the same time I think many fans will appreciate that a lot of good times on the pitch in the not too distant past came under his watch.

From being involved in the signing of Alan Shearer to bringing in Bobby Robson and the subsequent Champions League adventures there were certainly many good times and I dont think that should be forgotten.

Even if some very questionable decisions were also made (sacking Robson, appointing Souness, selling Woodgate to name a few) I do genuinely think he was an owner that cared about the club and did genuinely do what he thought was best for the good of the club and I am sure there are many fans that at the moment would love to see someone like him with a genuine love of the club and the city back in charge.

After selling his shares to Mike Ashley he obviously continued with his other work in the City and recently funded the Alan Shearer statue that now stands outside the stadium.

A figure that certainly divided opinion at times but a real proud Geordie certainly had a passion for the City and the Club - condolences go to his family and friends.

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